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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Enjoy the many facets and moods of a pond in upstate New York. This 2012 calendar will take you through the seasons of the year with landscapes and details of the pond's flora and fauna. Photographic styles range from realism to abstraction. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTIRE

Art by Marta Harvey. This piece was created with fabric, paper, tea bags, hemp (for the tree), and stitching.

Claire E. Skinner of Rocklawn Arts says about this ornament: "It's a hot August day in Arches National Park near Moab, Utah. What I love about Arches, and the Southwest in general, is how foreign much of the terrain looks compared to the green rolling mountains to which I'm accustomed. The light is severe and the rock structures alien.

In this color photograph, two immense Entrada Sandstone arches give the very impressive Double Arch its name. To appreciate its massiveness, find the tiny person in the photo, just climbing up out of the shadow of the foreground arch. I climbed up to the base of the background arch myself, and it was a sheer drop on the other side of it.

The foreground arch forms a rough oval opening near the center of the frame. The rock formation extends out to the left, in sun, and to the right, in shadow. Through it you can see the second arch curving down to meet the rock wall in the background. The light-colored sandstone shows many dark striations in its shadowed portions. Beyond and above the arches, three sections of light blue sky highlight the tan sandstone structures".


  1. Thank you for including my ornament! Also, your calendar is really neat! :)

  2. Thank you so much for including my hemp tree iPhone case today; I appreciate it.